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The prequel to The Truth She Knew is now available. ibe-jao-mh-cover-ebook

Official Blurb:

Do you ever think you know things, but realize that you don’t know jack?

That was me.

I thought I had the world in the palm of my hands.

Senior year was a breeze, complete with raging parties, a hot girlfriend, and a future all laid out for me.

Life was perfect.

Christ, was I wrong.

And when everything started crumbling down, there was not one damn thing I could do to make it stop.  Life started spiraling out of control, one letdown and setback after the next.  And now, suddenly, I’m trapped in a hurricane of hell that I can’t escape.

I’m Walker Farren,

And this is only the beginning. 

***This also includes a preview of the Amazon Bestselling book, The Truth She Knew
*** Ages 17+ Contains language, sex, and violence
*** This is book is .5 in a series

Download your copy here:
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2eHDQ3P
B&N: http://bit.ly/2x9RHK2
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2gITZJW
iBooks: http://apple.co/2iL0SeC
GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/2eHzSrP

I hope you enjoy it!

Until Next Time…


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truth1The Truth She Knew is now available on Amazon for pre-order! Just click here while it’s on sale. If you’re interested in reading the early reviews on Goodreads, click here. I have to admit the reviews have been overwhelming and humbling.

Since the book hasn’t been released yet, and a preview isn’t available, I wanted to share the first few pages. I know I always like to preview before ordering. I worked with an amazing editor from HarperCollins, and she will also be editing book 2 in the series which I just finished the rough draft yesterday.

This series is contemporary fiction and new adult. It’s 17+ due to language, sex, and some violence.

Copyright © 2016 by J.A. Owenby

Chapter 1

Mama didn’t want me. In fact, she would’ve traded my soul back for someone different if God would’ve let her, but he didn’t, so she was stuck with me. She reminded me of this on a consistent basis, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t change her mind. Finally, I had to make a choice: her or me.

My heels clicked against the cold tile floor of the hospital and my heart fluttered as I searched the room numbers.

I rubbed my clammy hands against my jeans as I saw the ladies’ restroom and hurried toward it. I needed a minute before I reached her room. I pushed the door open and scanned the bathroom for anyone else. It was empty.

My purse landed with a thud on the bathroom counter. I turned the cold water on, splashed it on my cheeks, and wiped my face with a paper towel.

“Breathe,” I muttered. “She can’t hurt you anymore. You’re grown.”

My pep talk wasn’t working. Fear was gnawing at my stomach.

I reached into my bag, grabbed my powder compact, and touched up my makeup. My green eyes shone brighter against the redness left from my tears. I ran a brush through my long, blond hair and dabbed a hint of gloss on my lips, more out of habit than need.

“Let’s do this, Lacey. Suck it up,” I said to my reflection. I released a slow, deep breath and headed out of the restroom and down the hall toward the ICU.

My hand trembled as I approached her room and reached for the door handle. I didn’t know what to expect. What would it be like, seeing her after all this time?

The door opened and closed behind me without a sound. I pulled the curtain aside and tried to comprehend what was in front of me.

The room was silent except for the rhythmic whoosh of the breathing machine. The ventilator had left its mark on Mama’s face, and her upper lip was swollen and bruised.

As I pulled the chair closer to her and sat down, I half-expected her eyes to flutter open and her lips to whisper what a bitch I was. But she lay still.

My goodbyes had been said years ago, but this was different; this was final. There were no more second chances, or third. None, ever again.

I stood up and paced around the tiny room. I should have been holding her hand and begging her to wake up so we could forgive each other, but I couldn’t. It didn’t matter how many years we’d been apart—every time I thought about her I remembered how she had cost me everything. And not once did she ever utter the words I’m sorry. In her mind, it had all been my fault.

I leaned against the wall and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. In spite of my resistance, tears pooled in my eyes.

“Are you happy now?” My voice quivered and only the sound of the ventilator responded to my question.

It amazed me how I could love her and hate her at the same time. I knew I was supposed to love and honor my parents, but how could I when she had almost cost me my life?

My mind raced with dark memories and then I realized that for the first time in my life I was minutes away from being free. Relief washed over me as the tears flowed down my cheeks. I pushed the memories away. With freedom just around the corner, I needed to say what I felt even if it was locked away deep in my heart.

I approached Mama and brushed her thin, brown hair away from her forehead. I stared at her, her image burning into every part of my mind. Her eyes were closed with no movement and there was no response to my touch. She’d already left—her body only remained breathing due to the machines.

“I’ve missed you, Mama,” I whispered. “As much as I hate you, I love you more. I wish things had been different. I wanted you to love me so badly. Maybe now you finally will.”

I kissed her forehead and stepped back, wondering if death would finish the job quickly. Knowing Mama, she would hold on as long as she could to capture everyone’s attention for her grand finale. The doctor thought it wouldn’t take any longer than a few hours for her body to stop breathing on its own. I hoped it would happen sooner.

I left Mama’s room and walked down the hall to the ICU waiting room. My older sister Krissy, the golden child, was leaning against the wall as she stared out the window.

“Krissy,” I said as I approached her.

She turned toward me, her eyes rimmed with redness. We stared at each other for a few moments, and then I nodded.

“Lacey, are you sure? You don’t need any more time?” Krissy asked.

“I’m sure.”

She pushed herself off the wall, wiped her eyes, and turned away to find the doctor. It was time to disconnect the machine.

With my goodbyes said, I walked toward the exit to the hospital. I burst through the sliding doors and came to a quick stop as the fragrance of the spring rain filled my nose. The walkway was lined with bright green grass and an abundance of red and pink tulips. The last drops of rain slid off the tree leaves as I breathed it all in. It was breathtaking.

I was finally free.

Thank you all for your support!

Until Next Time…

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5 starI’ve been gone for a bit, and I’m back on occasion. I am sending everyone a virtual hug! I’ve really missed everyone.

A personal update, after 7 weeks my daughter is now home. I appreciate the continual prayers and warm thoughts since we have a long road ahead of us. It’s amazing what we will do for our children and loved ones.

I had posted about marketing and any help with the résumé business at ONB Profefssional Resumes and several of you have helped share tweets and posts on Facebook. I really appreciated it! I have a business blog if anyone would like to follow or share the posts. http://www.onbproresumes.wordpress.com

Okay, with all the insane chaos lately, I’ve managed to work on a cover for one of my short stories. I will sell it on Amazon soon. In the meantime, I’m looking for about 20 people to read it and review it. Now, we all know that a bad review from one person can flush a book right down the toilet, so I’m going to ask that if you don’t like it, don’t post a review please. If that’s rude to ask, I certainly don’t mean it that way.  I need top ratings and reviews since I’m straight out of the gate and new to so many readers. I will say that all my short stories have been professionally edited by an editor with Writer’s Digest in every area including grammar, character arc, plot etc.

If you’re interested please let me know, and I”ll send you the short story free of charge as soon as it’s Amazon ready. I will also post the final cover soon.

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s almost 2014 and I’m working on those goals already!

Until Next Time…


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Wheels on the Bus

Wheels on the Bus

These first three lines are how my brain works when I sit down to write:

My mind is swirling with thoughts as I stare at this blank space, and in a few moments it won’t be so blank..ah snap, I just used passive voice…ugg, it doesn’t sound right.

Hmm, okay. I shared in my last post that I’d just lost my mother, and things have been, well, difficult. Some days better than others, and a million thoughts have gone through my mind concerning a new post. Nope, don’t like that beginning either…next…

I need chocolate to help this thought process…mmm, much better…where was I?

I read a bootie load of posts from blogs, and have shared some of those blogs that are super successful with you. If you missed a few click here. I love sharing information that will help you become a better writer and  achieve your goals. It amazes me how successful some of these blogs are, like crazy money and hits and visitors and….and…And, sometimes they share about who they are, where they came from, but most of the time it’s all business. That’s great! I love it. But, a little confession, I rarely read the entire post. I skim over it, yes, and it’s valuable, but it’s dry. Please don’t tell anyone I just said that. They really are fantastic blogs.

Onward…I’ve read posts about developing your niche, your business website, if you brush your hair to the left more people will hire you (not really), ways to market and advertise etc. I’ve left myself in such a crazy scramble of things I need to do, that I’ve paralyzed myself from moving forward. I’m afraid I can’t succeed because I don’t own a website, and I don’t have my shorts on Amazon (short stories, not basketball shorts) or for sale on my site. (I will, after I grieve and heal from mom passing and the house renovations are complete. I have that novel stirring in me, and it will also come out.) Honestly, I don’t even know my niche. I love writing. I write stories about real life crap that no one wants to talk about like physical abuse and mentally ill parents.

After mom passed, I realized that I need to be still inside myself, write what I feel from my heart and encourage others. So, some of my posts will offer great tips and sites, and sometimes I am going to let you into my world. So, if you’re interested stick around.

Until Next Time…

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Ebooks and Amazon

Ebooks and Amazon

I’ve received some interesting news for you eBook fans. This just in from GalleyCat.

“Amazon’s patent for a technology that would let customers sell their previously read eBooks, audiobooks, music and movies the same way that consumers can now sell print books, DVDs and CDs, has been approved. A seller could put their previously owned Kindle title up for sale and another user could purchase the title, which would then remove the title from the seller’s library.”

For additional information hop on over to their website.

I apologize for brief posts lately. My family and I are finally on the upswing of the flu. I don’t write well when my head is full of ick. I hope all of you are healthy and well.

Until Next Time…


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shhhOkay, don’t tell my husband, but I’ve got a new love in my life. I’m not quite sure how it happened, so let me back up a bit.

I’ve had mixed feelings concerning self publishing for a long time. As a writer, I hold that dream of obtaining status along with Stephanie Meyer, J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins. Self publishing, I just wasn’t sure if it would work for me. (Ah, I just saw eyebrows arch at me. Please hold)…At the same time, I understand the control of your own story, and that’s huge, right?

I decided I should read some self published books, look at reviews, marketing, and just gain an understanding of the overall process. And I did. I read several self published books, and I swore them off. I felt that no way in the world would I group myself in that category based on what I’d read. (More eyebrows? Please hold, don’t hang up on me yet) I felt sorry for the authors, some of the books were terrible. That’s hard for me to say, because I respect anyone learning the craft, it’s hard! However, putting poor material out there, oh dear…One thing I already knew, and now reinforced a hundred fold, publish nothing without and editor. A good editor. I know some people disagree with me, and that’s okay. However, I think we can all find examples of what writing looks like without an editor.

While searching for a book to read, to escape and relax, I found a website. I love cats, so I thought I’d take a look. I didn’t find cats though. GalleyCat is a site concerning book publishing, and within their site, each week, they have a list of the top 10 self published books from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Smashwords. I’m intrigued, so I take a look, then I look at the books they have listed, then I’m so curious I want to know what made these books sell so well. I purchased one, then I purchased another, and another. I read five awesome self published books! I’m stoked, my faith is renewed! There’s hope again! I’m hopping around the house in my pj’s like a kid in a candy store!

I suggest you visit GalleyCat. They are full of great information. I get updates on the publishing industry, and other helpful news that helps me as a writer. I also use them to  choose some great reads, and to support authors who are having great success.

Until Next Time…

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