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Featured Image -- 3580Hi all, I have had an amazing pre-order run and I value each purchase. I have been informed that there has been a glitch in the system and the orders for the paperback were deleted. The positive side? You weren’t charged. If you pre-ordered the paperback I’ve been assured the issue has been fixed and I would appreciate you taking a moment to reorder. Thank you for your support!! http://amzn.to/29gHfoh

Read 5-star reviews on Goodreads: http://bit.ly/28LFell

Also available for pre-order at:

Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/29NX8DL

iTunes    http://apple.co/29LelKx

Kobo http://bit.ly/28RjthM

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fictionHave you ever wondered why an idea took so long for you to act on? Me too. In fact, I finally set up a Facebook author page. I realized with 5 short stories published it was time. And, I’m halfway through my novel based on the short story “Tears in the Sun”.

I’d love the support if you’re interested in hopping over and liking my page. It’s located at https://www.facebook.com/JAOwenby . I will have updates on the upcoming novel, characters, reviews, and more.

The crazy thing is that I wrote the last 45 pages while selling our current home and purchasing another, working part-time, and writing resumes! When the story flows, it gushes. I will say that having an outline and scenes has made it easier. I’ve thought about this story for years, but in the last one it all began to click.

I look forward to sharing more as I continue to write and move into the edits with my editor.

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amazonI wanted to thank everyone who purchased Blurred Lines and left a review. I’ve gotten 4 and 5 stars so I’m really happy about that.

As promised I had a drawing for everyone who bought it and left a review so without further delay the $25 Amazon gift card goes to…..Angela Hughes Fowler!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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amazonToday is the last day to purchase Blurred Lines on Amazon, leave a review and email the receipt to be entered into the drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. The winner will be announced this coming Friday!

You can purchase Blurred Lines here for .99. 

Thank you for all your support everyone, it means the world to me!

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I’m not sure I know anyone who likes Monday. I despise it myself and it’s the biggest day of the week I fight a bad attitude. In order to redirect myself I start my mornings with positive affirmations. I thought I”d share some positive thoughts with you as well. Happy Monday.

Also, there’s only a few days left (ends Wednesday at midnight) to buy Blurred Lines, leave a review and be entered into the Amazon $25 gift card drawing. Just Click HERE.



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Blurred Lines - High ResolutionI’m very happy to announce that my newest short story is available on Amazon! I was also really excited that Blurred Lines sold copies the same day she became available.

Here’s what I’d like to do for the next week (November 12-19th) if you purchase a copy of Blurred Lines, leave a review and email me your purchase receipt I’ll enter you into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. And, with the holidays approaching it will be fun for you or help during your holiday shopping. The winner will be announced on Friday the 21st. Email me at jenowenby@live.com

You can purchase the short story for .99 at Amazon. Just click here.

The blurb:

Lexi is used to a difficult life, bouncing around from foster home to foster home, but all that changes when she meets her best friend, Olivia. Lexi has finally found a family.
Three years have passed, and Lexi is beginning to think the dark secret she left behind might stay buried. Then Olivia begins dating the high school bad ass and everything takes a wrong turn.
Life has suddenly blurred the line of what is acceptable and what isn’t as Lexi struggles with if she should step in to protect her friend. There’s more than just friendship at risk; she fears her secret will come to the surface. What will she do?

Thanks for everyone’s support!

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tears in the sun cvr 32As you know I’ve listed my latest short story “Tears in the Sun” on Amazon. The reviews have uplifted and encouraged me. Thank you  everyone who has purchased and left a great review.

I had a private message from a friend of mine and I wanted to share it. She writes:

“messaging privately so if you don’t want it to go world-wide, it won’t. Your book wasn’t necessarily my personal cup of tea….but the line about scrubbing out a stain because her family already had enough stains made me cry. That line alone was worth the 99 cents I spent for the book.”

I sat there with my mouth open. My first reaction was feeling bad that I made her cry and then I stopped…what? That one line struck her so deeply she cried!

I wrote her back and apologized for making her cry, sent her a bit hug and then said, “Stirring someone’s emotions that deeply, that’s why I write.”

There are so so so many factors and contributors to writing, but when you know you have conveyed emotions to your reader…that’s huge.

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