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Starting book 3 in my own series, my mouth hung open a little as I saw this list and how many books were in each one.

Lengthy Young Adult Fiction Series: INFOGRAPHIC | GalleyCat

Long YA Series Infographic (GalleyCat)


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I wanted to share J.C. Conway’s post with everyone. If you haven’t grabbed one of his books, this is a fantastic time to do so! Read on!



Hearts in Ruin 3d

“Compelling insight into the cut throat world of academia and a certain savagery that exists in terms of competitive edge and power.”

“kept my attention from start to finish”

“strong willed, intelligent protagonists… You don’t have to know archaeology or even understand when they discuss strata… entertaining and modern… easy read and a great book.”

“I had to hide from family…”

“melds a serious story with a wry sense of humor that keeps it a light and happy romance”

“The hero is a lovable and sexy beta hero and the first kiss scene is the best I’ve ever read. The heroine is bold, self-confident and competent, and I want to be just like her.”

“entertaining and informative novel”

“a wonderful portrayal of sexy archaeologists doing a legitimate archaeological dig.”

“This book didn’t make it to my list… I finished it. [Conway] weaves great sense of humor and light romance into a serious and intriguing story with interesting facts and realistic view of an archaeological dig.”

“I found this story to be fascinating.”

“A very enjoyable and entertaining read.”

HEARTS IN RUIN is available in Print and all e-Book formats from the following and other major outlets:




An anthology of short stories, including:

Early Retirement
Separation Anxiety
The Bender Beamer
Letters to the Luminiferous Aether
Seed of Doubt
November Elf
and more…

Available as a Kindle e-Book for $2.99


Gentle Push KDP CoverGENTLE PUSH

A science fiction short story in the foreseeable, star-faring future about human love, sacrifice and hope. First published by Mindflights.

“Gentle Push by J.C. Conway is such a creative science fiction short. There’s a great deal going on, yet the pace never feels rushed.

“Conway is an excellent writer. His style is engaging, his characters full realized, and his work is beautifully edited.”

Available as a Kindle e-Book for $1.29



A science fiction short story in the star-faring future about industry, loyalty, and the value of minding one’s own business. First published by Perihelion Science Fiction.

“EVEN THROUGH THE FULLERENE-GLASS filter, the stream of Nickel-78 plasma brightened the work station transition chamber. It was a big leak … bigger than any Gina had seen. It reminded her of the early stories, when solar miners earned their hazardous-duty pay.”

Available as a Kindle e-Book for 99¢



A modern-fantasy-based short story about teen angst and uncertainty. First published by Residential Aliens.

     “Well written, understated and poignant.”

Available in e-Book formats from the following and other major outlets:

iTunes Bookstore

Barnes & Noble


A romantic science-fiction short story. Amy is caught in a boson-vault experiment gone wrong. The world as she knows it depends on fixing the problem. But is there only one option? And does she have the right to decide?

First published in The Lorelei Signal. Available in e-Book formats from the following and other major outlets:



A science-fiction short story first published in The Colored Lens.

It’s Murphy’s job to make sure his centuries-long interstellar colony mission arrives in one piece, and he has at his disposal the resources of the entire vessel and its advanced caretaker programs to ensure he meets that goal. With nothing in their path and a vast store of redundant systems, what could go wrong?

Available as a Kindle e-Book for 99¢

divider-lineMedicinal Need KDP CoverMEDICINAL NEED

A western short story first published in In Vino Veritas.

A cattle drive, a stray bullet, a sip of bourbon and a prayer. With the closest town doctor a day away, Luke has little more to rely on than the strange brew his trail boss has saved for just such an occasion… 

Available in e-Book formats from the following and other major outlets:



Lawyers in space.

A terraform defect attorney at an off-world deposition with a failing anti-psychotic field.

First published in Perihelion Science Fiction. Available in e-Book formats from the following and other major outlets:

iTunes Bookstore

Barnes & Noble



A modern teen fantasy short story. First published in The Lorelei Signal.

Carolyn is on a fairy hunt. She has the book, she has the time, and she knows where to look. But is fairy magic, and its source, something Carolyn is ready to face? 

Available as a Kindle e-Book for 99¢



A science fiction short story. First published inNewMyths.com.

When the laws of the land meet the laws of quantum physics they forge a new meaning for the state of legal separation–and for Judge Bell, the results are appearing rather skewed.

Available as a Kindle e-Book for 99¢



This post was originally posted at http://jcconway.com/ where you can read additional posts from J.C.

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tears When a book causes tears to run down your cheeks due to emotional turmoil involving the main character, it’s obtained one of its goals. A good goal. A book needs to grab the reader, pull them in, and not let them go until the last page.  A well written book evokes emotions in its readers.

I just read “Point of Retreat” by Colleen Hoover. My emotions flew all over the board. I became so angry at the main character I wanted to choke her. I cried, and I don’t mean a tear welled in my eye, I mean they streamed down my face, in more than one place in the book. And, right when I felt I couldn’t take anymore and neither could the characters, I got smacked with one more thing not going their way. I actually cussed at the author! Then, I smiled, and said “Well done Colleen Hoover, well done.” This, to me, is an excellent example of evoking emotion in your reader.  (Note: If you’re interested in reading this book, read “Slammed” first. It’s the beginning of the storyline.)

We all know there’s a lot of information concerning writing, some good, some not so good. There are blogs, articles, books on outlining, plot, characters, genres and non fiction. What surprises me, is that I haven’t seen much information on creating emotion. I believe this is an extremely important key ingredient to the recipe.

What do you think?

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The Everafter ChroniclesI subscribe to a gentleman’s blog, by the name of Casey Sean Harmon. I have to say, that not only am I interested in supporting him as an author, but he’s a soldier who served our country. He protected us and our freedom while putting his life on the line. Thank you Sean!

Sean sent out a blog post concerning the Kickstarter program and his project. I’ve heard of Kickstarter, and it’s a fantastic resource . He’s launching his newest book “Reign of the Night Creatures” that looks wonderful. The cover alone is magnificent! He’s reaching for a goal, and is asking for everyone’s support. After reading through the information, I felt this book would be fantastic for kids. It encourages their imagination and it’s clean and family oriented. We need family friendly. We need books we can share that bring hope and togetherness. I feel this project will make it happen.

If you feel inclined to do so, please take a look at Sean’s information, and the book here.

Also, check into Kickstarter and dare to dream.

Until Next time…

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I can’t tell you how fun it is to talk to published authors and learn from their experience. I’ve had to the pleasure of meeting and talking with Dalton Chad Everett author of “Brothers In Darkness”. I’ve just read his book and I can’t wait for the second one.

“Brothers In Darkness” occurs in Portland, Oregon where we meet Lucas Crichton a thief for hire and grifter. Approached by the “Brothers”, Lucas agrees to steal several powerful relics for them. In turn, he’s provided a ring that restores his life energy when he dies. It doesn’t take him long before  he wonders what kind of deal he made, and with who. At what cost to himself, and others, is he  stealing these items?

Now, when I usually read something like that on a book cover, I shrug and usually move on after reading the first few pages. Here’s my problem, I get bored fast. I don’t want the same old stuff, give me something new. “Brothers In Darkness” delivered just that. An intriguing plot that moved along well and an added new twist in each chapter.  From the beginning you’re asking questions and turning the pages for answers.

“Brothers In Darkness” has made it into the  Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards Quarterfinals! You can read the first 5000 words of this book and leave your review. Ratings and feedback from the public will be part of the judging process , so any and all downloads, “Likes”, Reviews and/or Ratings (on a one to five-star scale) are welcome. Here is the link:

Link – Brothers In Darkness – 2012 ABNA Entry [Kindle Edition]: http://www.amazon.com/Brothers-In-Darkness-Entry-ebook/dp/B007GEC3GC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1332715505&sr=8-2

You can visit Dalton Chad Everett here: http://daltonchadeverett.com/

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Oh yea, I said it…Vampire. I’m tired of the same ‘ol vampire books, but this series is different.

My kids tease me about reading young adult books, but sometimes I need a change in pace from the mystery/thriller books. I’ve found there are some good young adult series available. I also like to know what is interesting the teens these days. There is certainly no shortage of Vampire books to choose from. For the most part I burned out on Vamps and Werewolves, but this series promised something good.

I picked up book one “Vampire Academy” while I was looking for something light and fun. I read it within a few days and honestly, I liked it, but wasn’t completely sold. I decided I’d try the second book, “Frostbite” and within the first few pages I knew that I’d finish the series. Two weeks later I finished book six. Three days of the two weeks I spent painting so maybe it was technically one and a half weeks. I had to ask myself why. Why were these books so good that I ignored my family and for a brief time lived in the story world? One word: Emotion. The storylines are thick with emotion.

There are six books in the Vampire Academy Series written by Richelle Mead. You have the common teens in school theme, love and good versus evil.  The “Vampire Academy” books are all told from the point of view of Rose Hathaway, a young damphir (part vampire part human)  that’s training as a guardian. Her goal is to graduate and become her best friend’s (Lissa a Moroi princess) guardian.

The story line grows with love and friends, unexpected twists, good action scenes and overall real page turners. This series had several differences than other teen books I’ve read. I’ve noticed that a lot, not all, young adult novels contain a snarky, rude, disrespectful teen. It might be realistic, but it’s a turn off. Rose also has those qualities and I often wanted to smack her for being so snarky. BUT, these characters also believed in something other than themselves! They genuinely cared about each other and others on a whole. They sacrificed themselves, fought for their morals and beliefs, had convictions and still remained teens. They had goals and ambitions, weaknesses and strengths. It was refreshing to see something other than teens defying responsibility, authority and always blaming someone else for what they need to take responsibility for. It was refreshing to read.

I won’t go into detail concerning the books, but if you enjoy reading I recommend them. Richelle Mead is a great author, she taught me some things for my novel. They carry her books at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. If you decide to read them let me know what you think.

Until Next Time…

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It’s been cool this week in Portland, low 70’s and cloudy. Although we are warming up this weekend to 90 degrees I know that Fall, my favorite season, is right around the corner. A season of change as well. I welcome it. I love the rain, the crisp air and the leaves changing color. I also love the Slatkin & Company candles from Bath & Body Works. I haven’t found a candle that can touch them. If you like to bake or have a sweet tooth, I DO NOT recommend the food scented candles. They will make you hungry and I can attest to this since my husband had to drag me kicking and screaming from the cookie section at the grocery store. I wanted to bake cookies, and lots of them. I look back and chuckle, he is so good to me even when he has to put up with my nonsense.

There are several times a year I reevaluate my goals, what projects I’d like to complete, maybe a new writing class, home projects etc. We are painting this Labor Day weekend, starting the season with a fresh coat. Symbolic in a way. I’m seeing so many people on new paths and plenty of cross roads that require difficult decisions. Depending on the situation and stress level I deal with change several different ways. This time, I’m almost embarrassed to admit, I have stuck my head in a Young Adult series by Richelle Mead. I started book one last week, and today I’m beginning book five. Darned things have sucked me into another world. However, sometimes I need that. It rejuvenates and stirs my creativity. I’ve also needed a break from writing my novel. I hit a major road block, creativity took a vacation to Maui. However, my characters are beginning to talk to me again, so whatever dispute we had is getting resolved. After this weekend I’m ready to dig in again.

Speaking of weekend, I hope everyone enjoys Labor Day and has time to relax and enjoy. Be Safe!

Until Next Time…

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