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I’m super excited to announce this amazing cover, and even more excited that it will be released next month!
BSSomeoneLikeYouBookCover5x8_BW_294 (1)

Cover designed by: Romantic Book Affairs

Photography: Wander Aguiar

Release: October 12, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance Military

Blurb: He was a nameless guy in a bar—a man Grace couldn’t get out of her head…A week later, she came home to find him sweaty and shirtless with a tape measure in hand, remodeling her loft. As a Parker-King, she’s not allowed to want someone like Noah Dalton. She’s sick of her life, though. Sick of the rules of being a Parker-King. She wants something more, even if it isn’t forever. Somewhere in history there was that one time where hot, no-strings-attached sex didn’t end badly, right? Finding comfort in the arms of a former SEAL is easy, not falling for one . . . not so much.Noah left the military and moved to New York for one reason: his daughter. Not for some uptight businesswoman—a Manhattan elitist. So when Grace offers him the kind of relationship that no hot-blooded man can turn down, he should say no. And when her seemingly put-together life spins out of control, and his instincts to protect and save kick in, he should turn away. But he doesn’t.Can two people from different worlds really live in the moment, knowing they’re on borrowed time, or is someone bound to get hurt?


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Brittney Sahin began writing at an early age, with the dream to be a published author before the age of 18. Although academic pursuits (and, later, a teaching career) interrupted her aspirations, she never stopped writing—never stopped imagining.It wasn’t until her students encouraged her to follow her dreams that Brittney said goodbye to Upstate New York in order to start a new adventure in the place she was raised: Charlotte, North Carolina. Here, she decided to take her students’ advice and begin to write again.In 2015, she published her first novel, The Safe Bet. When she is not working on upcoming novels, she spends time with her family. She is a proud mother of two boys and a lover of novels, coffee, and the outdoors.

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I’ve just received the final EBook cover for my new short story “Blurred Lines”.  It will be available soon on Amazon for .99.

Blurred Lines - High Resolution


Here’s the blurb:

Lexi is used to a difficult life, bouncing around from foster home to foster home, but all that changes when she meets her best friend, Olivia. Lexi has finally found a family.

Three years have passed, and Lexi is beginning to think the dark secret she left behind might stay buried. Then Olivia begins dating the high school bad ass and everything takes a wrong turn.

Life has suddenly blurred the line of what is acceptable and what isn’t as Lexi struggles with stepping in to protect her friend. However, there’s more than just friendship at risk. Lexi’s secret will come to the surface.

Thanks for sharing this experience with me. Blurred Lines has been a long time coming, but I hope you will enjoy the story and characters as much as I have writing and breathing life into them.

Until next time…

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child-very-excited1That’s the question I asked myself when I received this email:


“From time to time, I add new books to the My Career Mentor site.

Today, I’m happy to announce I’ve added a book called, Position Yourself to Get the Job.

This book will show you how to make sure others see you in your best light.

You can find it on the My Career Mentor site by rolling over the “Resources” tab and clicking on the “Career Success Books” button.

Enjoy the book, put its ideas to work and flourish in your career.”

Your career mentor,


So, let me back up a little bit. I subscribe to his daily positive thoughts for businesses. So, I sort of knew who he was. But, that book “Position Yourself to Get the Job” is mine from ONB Professional Resume Services and it represents some of the things I do in my business. But, here’s the awesome thing I had to share. Bud Bilanich has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Fortune and more!!! So, this best-selling author, mentor and career coach of 25 years, backing my work?!! Yea, I’m stoked and I wanted to share. I just got a massive endorsement and national recognition! Woohooo!

My EBook is free on my website for anyone that’s interested or knows someone who can benefit from it.

Thank you all for your support and amazing people I’ve gotten to know from this blog. Keep writing! Keep dreaming and keep believing!

Until Next Time…

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tears in the sun cvr 32I wanted to thank each of you who agreed to read and review a copy of “Tears In the Sun” on Amazon. All writer’s understand how important it is to help each other. The response really touched me.

So, here it is! The cover design from Posey Salem, Editor: Karlyn Thayer from Writer’s Digest and Author: J.A. Owenby (that’s me!) Lol

Anyone in the past that I shared it with, if you have a moment to leave a review that would be wonderful!


Christmas arrives next Wednesday everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Until Next Time…

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