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I just received an email from mediabistro.com where they featured an article concerning Kickstarter and the money raised for publishing.

I thought I’d share it since I’d posted about Kickstarter yesterday.

“Publishing projects raised $15,311,251 on Kickstarter last year, but only 30 percent of attempted projects succeeded. There were 5,634 publishing projects launched, but only 1,666 of those projects actually got funded. 1,170 Comic book projects were attempted, but 542 succeeded–raising $9,242,233 for the year. AppNewser has more statistics about Kickstarter’s big year. Check it out: The company earned almost $320 million in pledges last year and successfully funded 18,109 projects … According these numbers, the… read more>>

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The Everafter ChroniclesI subscribe to a gentleman’s blog, by the name of Casey Sean Harmon. I have to say, that not only am I interested in supporting him as an author, but he’s a soldier who served our country. He protected us and our freedom while putting his life on the line. Thank you Sean!

Sean sent out a blog post concerning the Kickstarter program and his project. I’ve heard of Kickstarter, and it’s a fantastic resource . He’s launching his newest book “Reign of the Night Creatures” that looks wonderful. The cover alone is magnificent! He’s reaching for a goal, and is asking for everyone’s support. After reading through the information, I felt this book would be fantastic for kids. It encourages their imagination and it’s clean and family oriented. We need family friendly. We need books we can share that bring hope and togetherness. I feel this project will make it happen.

If you feel inclined to do so, please take a look at Sean’s information, and the book here.

Also, check into Kickstarter and dare to dream.

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