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I have an update on Echoes Beneath and a 30 second 5 question survey. Just click here: http://www.jaowenby.com/index.php/jens-blog/

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Starting book 3 in my own series, my mouth hung open a little as I saw this list and how many books were in each one.

Lengthy Young Adult Fiction Series: INFOGRAPHIC | GalleyCat

Long YA Series Infographic (GalleyCat)

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clapping-hands copyI love saying that. I hope the Grammarly post helped everyone. It’s truly a great tool. And, as several of you commented, there is a FREE version as well.

However, the winner will receive 3 months of the premium version which, in my humble opinion, is amazing!

I threw everyone’s name in a hat and handed it to my husband to draw the winner. Congrats to………..aurorajeanalexander. Woohooo! Let’s congratulate Aurora Jean Alexander.

Until Next Time…

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Here’s a fun infographic concerning a title for your next book based on your name. My title would be “The Road to Love in the Time of Cholera”.  Not sure I’d use it as a title, bu it might make a great writing prompt!

See what you come up with and leave your title in the comments. Let’s share the post and see how many ideas we can generate. Who knows, the next bestselling novel might come from it. 🙂

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Anyone who has followed my blog knows I’m a firm believer in supporting good writing. Victoria and I have followed each other’s blog for quite a long time now, and she has released her 2nd novel which looks really good!

With multiple 5-star reviews don’t miss “The Sin of His Father” It’s now free on Kindle this weekend only! That’s September 12th-14th. On the right side of the page, you will see the Kindle version free. Grab it before it’s too late! http://tinyurl.com/oxmdtqv

“Your father didn’t leave us, Mattie. I was raped.”These words, uttered by his mother on her deathbed, propelled Matt Maxwell into the fear that he could become like this man he never knew.Abandoning the woman he loved, his closest friend, and a lifestyle that suited him well, Matt made…
I’m off to download my copy now. And, as we are all writers that work tremendously hard and understand what it truly takes to put a novel together, please leave her a review.
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I finished “Shadow Man“. In my last post I mentioned what I learned about Smoky, the main character, within the first few chapters. I’ve read other novels that proceeded to dump information in the beginning, and the rest of the book sputtered along like a broke train. This was not the case. The pace continued forward, the character arcs grew, and the tension built.

I’d say ninety-five percent of the time in mystery/thriller novels I figure out who done it. Shadow Man tippy-toed across the floor and snuck up on me. I didn’t see this one coming due to being so concerned about the characters. This is both a plot and character driven novel. Overall, this is a great example of the essentials that really make a good book.

While taking a break from reading, I went to the kitchen for some watermelon and my doorbell rang. Now I’ve just read where the killer rings the victim’s doorbell. I know that I’m expecting a package and it’s the UPS person, but I stood there in my kitchen thinking about the book and said aloud “Ahhhh hell no, I’m not answering that door.” I then look up and my sliding glass door is wide open. If anyone wanted to come in they certainly could. I laughed at myself and proceeded to cut my melon.

If anyone reads this book, or has read it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until Next Time…

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