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how_-much_to_chargeI received an article with this information and wanted to share. Although I didn’t use Reedsy for editing and my book cover, I found I fell within most of the pricing ranges.

One thing I didn’t see on this infographic was the Q&A time with the editor. I certainly had questions as I moved through the process and the last thing I wanted was to be left hanging if my editor said, “this doesn’t work in the plot.” I’ve worked with previous editors who would make a comment and instead of being able to ask a few questions you had to make the changes, submit, and pay again. I’m not clear what Reedsy offers, but if you’re looking for an editor, it’s an important topic to ask about.

By Maryann Yin on May. 2, 2016 Reedsy Self-Publishing Infographic (GalleyCat)

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writing toolsLife has been so busy, I’ve not posted much and I certainly haven’t written any fiction. Resumes, yes, but that’s not the same and different rules apply. We get to use adverbs for starters!

So, I decided my heart was aching and I needed to pick up my short story and get it finished. It’s finished and edited by an editor at Writer’s Digest, but that was editing for plot, character, story arc etc. It’s the darned grammar! I mentioned this to one of my fellow writer’s, Tina Mattern, and she sent me to http://www.autocrit.com. Now, I owe her my first-born. Oh, wait, he’s 22 years old, 6’2 and 280 lbs. of solid muscle and I don’t think she wants his grocery bill! She politely declined.

Here’s the scoop. Autocrit.com offers a free editing service for the basic stuff including adverbs and overused words. It highlights them in red so you can make corrections, rewrite the sentences etc. Go check it out. I’m utilizing this tool daily!

Oh, and let me tell you something really awesome about my buddy who suggested autocrit. Chicken Soup has published 7 stories written by Tina! She is also working on an amazing memoir that makes me cry every time I read a new chapter. Please, go visit Tina at TinaWagnerMattern. She has a wicked sense of humor as well. Her latest short story had the entire writing group laughing.

Go write!

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If you’re stuck, or feeling trapped in your job due to bills, you come home tired and grumpy, and know that you will explode if someone needs one more thing from you, this book is for you.

Joanna Penn turned her life and career around, one step at a time, and she shares this process with you. Whether you want a career change, or  interested in being happy in your current job, she provides tools that are realistic and applicable that she used  when leaving the corporate world and beginning her own business.

I have had times in my life that I knew what I wanted, but not how to get there. This book is different from others because there is a plan to achieve the changes.

To read more about “How to Love Your Job” click here.

Joanna Penn is an author, internet entrepreneur and international speaker based in London, England. Her recent thrillers include “Pentecost” and “Prophecy”. You can find out more about her at: http://www.thecreativepenn.com//

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