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I think it was Bill Cosby who said children give you brain damage. Now that my kids are out of the house, other things give me brain damage. In fact, I’m so exhausted after an amazing conference I attended I kept saying Drain Bamage instead.

With that short rambling, I”m going to recommend an excellent read that you can take one short chapter at a time. The beauty of this book is that it applies to writing, to life, to your business, your job, your relatiThe Way You Doonships and every other area of your life.

Here it is:

“The Way You Do Anything Is the Way You Do Everything” by Suzanne Evans. It reached #5 on the New York Times Bestseller list the first week. I hope you check it out whether you own a business or not, because in reality, our writing is our business.

Until Next Time…

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sunset-and-sunrise-pictures-73We all have our mentors and people who encourage us to be our best, never quit and never stop dreaming and believing. I’m going to share a quote with you from one of mine.

“Mastery is a commitment combined with patience and consistency…Your skill or talent is simply that: a God-given skill or talent. Reaching excellence is dependent upon how much time and effort you are willing to put in to Master it.

Aside from repetition, the most important part of mastery is remembering what you know.  Sometimes the least little unexpected change can throw us off. And get us to doubt ourselves.

You really do know what to do, where to go, and what you need. And part of becoming a master is learning to trust this part of yourself that can direct you to success. ” Suzanne Evans

Now, go write, go dream and become a master!

Until Next Time…

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