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amazonI wanted to thank everyone who purchased Blurred Lines and left a review. I’ve gotten 4 and 5 stars so I’m really happy about that.

As promised I had a drawing for everyone who bought it and left a review so without further delay the $25 Amazon gift card goes to…..Angela Hughes Fowler!

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amazonToday is the last day to purchase Blurred Lines on Amazon, leave a review and email the receipt to be entered into the drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. The winner will be announced this coming Friday!

You can purchase Blurred Lines here for .99. 

Thank you for all your support everyone, it means the world to me!

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Monday Inspiration

I’m not sure I know anyone who likes Monday. I despise it myself and it’s the biggest day of the week I fight a bad attitude. In order to redirect myself I start my mornings with positive affirmations. I thought I”d share some positive thoughts with you as well. Happy Monday.

Also, there’s only a few days left (ends Wednesday at midnight) to buy Blurred Lines, leave a review and be entered into the Amazon $25 gift card drawing. Just Click HERE.



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Blurred Lines - High ResolutionI’m very happy to announce that my newest short story is available on Amazon! I was also really excited that Blurred Lines sold copies the same day she became available.

Here’s what I’d like to do for the next week (November 12-19th) if you purchase a copy of Blurred Lines, leave a review and email me your purchase receipt I’ll enter you into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. And, with the holidays approaching it will be fun for you or help during your holiday shopping. The winner will be announced on Friday the 21st. Email me at jenowenby@live.com

You can purchase the short story for .99 at Amazon. Just click here.

The blurb:

Lexi is used to a difficult life, bouncing around from foster home to foster home, but all that changes when she meets her best friend, Olivia. Lexi has finally found a family.
Three years have passed, and Lexi is beginning to think the dark secret she left behind might stay buried. Then Olivia begins dating the high school bad ass and everything takes a wrong turn.
Life has suddenly blurred the line of what is acceptable and what isn’t as Lexi struggles with if she should step in to protect her friend. There’s more than just friendship at risk; she fears her secret will come to the surface. What will she do?

Thanks for everyone’s support!

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I’ve written this blog for a few years and I’ve developed relationships with some great people. One of them is Raani York and I was very excited to see her post announcing the publication of her first book! I asked Raani to share with us concerning her writing and how she created and birthed  Dragonbride. Please welcome Raani York!

dragonbride_low_res_previewAs a child, I had started reading quite early, and it used to be a pleasure for me to not only scan the pictures, but also know what the words said. Soon enough picture books couldn’t challenge me anymore, and I switched to more interesting books. I must have been around six when destiny shoved a book into my little hands that took me into the world of fairies, dwarfs and magic.

I still think this dive into a fantasy world has substantially marked my path into the literary genre I would choose to write in later.

My first attempts to write were quite amateurish but not particularly bad. (At least not for my age). During my teenage years, I had filled a scrapbook with love poems. Some of them were printed in the school paper, two even in the local newspaper. But when my mother found the scrapbook it flew into the fire – and that was the end of my poetry career. My Mom considered a 16-year-old by far too young to write love poems. (Even though the poems were quite innocent.)

There were more tries to write a longer story, if not a novel, but usually towards the end I didn’t like them anymore and gave up on them.

I still remember that the subjects of these stories were never what I had originally planned to write. Of course, there were heroes, and many horses (I was a teenage girl. Of course, I was dreaming to own a horse one day)… but this didn’t seem right.

I read more about fantasy – fantastic creatures… and finally came back to dragons. Ever since I heard about this fantasy creature it had fascinated me. A Dragon in my imagination was a creature, so various, so fantastic… surrounded by so many secrets, woven into so many dreams and mythologies, I could not imagine Dragons “just” flying, evil, man-eating reptiles as so many cultures believed.

Have Dragons really ever existed? Were Dragons creatures, made from “parts” of nine other animals, as the Chinese mythology teaches us? (the head of a camel, the scales of a fish, the horns of a stag, the eyes of a hare, the ears of a bull, the neck of a snake, the belly of a clam, the paws of a tiger and the claws of an eagle?)

Would it be possible to create a story around a Dragon and make it an important part of the story plot, if not even the center of it? How would a Dragon be? What kinds of Dragons would exist? Would it be a good or a bad Dragon? Who could or would say what a dragon was, how a Dragon’s “character”, was? Would it be possible to wave a story net within a “Dragon world”?

And this is, how slowly but surely “The Dragon Chronicles” started developing in my head…

It needed a lot of thinking to create a world “around” the Dragon. How would he, this particular Dragon, live and exist? Would it be just this Dragon or the entire species, and would they live in a “Dragon ruled” world? To me the Dragon was important – but would it be important to the reader? Would it be important enough to carry the story? Who or what would be the Dragon’s counterpart, who his enemies and allies?

Of course, I did some research about the Dragon mythologies within different cultures, and I have to admit: I picked what I found useful to me. I chose what made MY Dragon the best Dragon on Earth… and then I created the characters around him.

I knew, no matter how carefully I worked, there would always be errors and mistakes and therefore found myself a professional editor who worked on Dragonbride. To me it is and was important that the book is as perfect as it can be. I did not want to become known on the market as the sloppiest author on earth.

I filed for Copyright and then started sending it out.

I needed time to try to find a traditional publisher and/or agent. And all I found were some foul scumbags trying to screw me over. I was extremely glad to have found an excellent legal support who saved me from a few of the worst decisions in my life.

In the end, I grew sick of searching someone who would give “Dragonbride” the credit it deserves in my opinion. I had, and in fact still have the feeling that none of these agents or publishers took the time and effort to really read and understand my book considering “Dragonbride” really to be the first book of a Trilogy. I personally think reading Dragonbride, expecting it to be “just” this one book is much different from reading it and knowing that there are two more books following. “Dragonbride” is only the first of three books within “The Dragon Chronicles” and the story is far from being over.

I finally decided it was time to move forward and drag my Dragon into freedom. Dragonbride was self-published in September 2014.

There is one more person I do have to mention at this point: the cover designer of “Dragonbride”. Howard David Johnson is namely an American Artist who had agreed to design the book’s cover. I am very grateful he had done so, and I am very excited about his fantastic work. When you’re a lover of fantasy art, you MUST enjoy looking at his work. It’s amazing!!

Right now, with “Dragonbride”, I do have a book on the market, which I am very proud of and which will not be the last of “his kind”. The other two parts of the Trilogy are in the making, and excellent progress is made.

During the writing process I had realized that “Dragonbride” is supposed to be a book for Young Adults (and adults that feel young enough to read a romantic book without sex and brutality where blood is dripping like in a butcher’s shop). I was never one feeling comfortable describing torture and killing or intimate scenes until the very last detail.

I do recommend reading this young adult fantasy book, keeping in mind that there is more to this story and that the two other books are nearly ready to follow.

Raani York
You can find “Dragonbride” here:

Barnes & Noble


CreateSpace eStore


Amazon.com Paperback

Amazon.com Kindle edition



Oyster Books

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Raani has already received her first 5 star review on Amazon as well.

Raani, thanks so much for stopping by and we look forward to the next in the series!

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When the Storm Comes…


Blurred Lines

I’ve just received the final EBook cover for my new short story “Blurred Lines”.  It will be available soon on Amazon for .99.

Blurred Lines - High Resolution


Here’s the blurb:

Lexi is used to a difficult life, bouncing around from foster home to foster home, but all that changes when she meets her best friend, Olivia. Lexi has finally found a family.

Three years have passed, and Lexi is beginning to think the dark secret she left behind might stay buried. Then Olivia begins dating the high school bad ass and everything takes a wrong turn.

Life has suddenly blurred the line of what is acceptable and what isn’t as Lexi struggles with stepping in to protect her friend. However, there’s more than just friendship at risk. Lexi’s secret will come to the surface.

Thanks for sharing this experience with me. Blurred Lines has been a long time coming, but I hope you will enjoy the story and characters as much as I have writing and breathing life into them.

Until next time…


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