Do You Run From the Dark?

Most of us

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Structure in Your Writing?

Regardless if your writing consists of an outline or fly by the seat of your pants, structure is a must in writing plot, characters, dialogue and more. However, when someone says, “outline” to me I’m immediately thrown back into grade school hell with roman numerals! In fact, I think it has scarred me for life!

I’ve pondered the idea for a while, and my fellow writers and readers have talked to me about writing a full-length novel based on “Tears in the Sun”. But, when I’m writing about deep issues such as mental illness I have a tendency to get overwhelmed on where to start. I have the opening figured out, but what next? Then my mind begins to spiral with What if? What if? What if? So, I spent eight dollars to help get my thoughts organized and build a story. I did not say outline, just organized. The best part, it’s a clear and simple workbook. I highly recommend it.


K.M. Weiland, who I’m a fan of, is fantastic at explaining and simplifying the craft of writing. You can purchase it on Amazon. 

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It Gave Me Goosebumps

I was cleaning out my email and found this quote I had saved. I got goose bumps when I read it again.
You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.” Woodrow Wilson
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Who You Want to Be


The difference between who you ARE and who YOU WANT TO BE is WHAT YOU DO…

and what you HAVE TO DO… to get WHERE you WANT TO BE.

It may NOT be PRETTY And it may NOT come EASY.

But DON’T STOP! Just keep MOVING FORWARD!  ~ Unknown

Keep writing!

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And the Winner Is…

amazonI wanted to thank everyone who purchased Blurred Lines and left a review. I’ve gotten 4 and 5 stars so I’m really happy about that.

As promised I had a drawing for everyone who bought it and left a review so without further delay the $25 Amazon gift card goes to…..Angela Hughes Fowler!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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amazonToday is the last day to purchase Blurred Lines on Amazon, leave a review and email the receipt to be entered into the drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. The winner will be announced this coming Friday!

You can purchase Blurred Lines here for .99. 

Thank you for all your support everyone, it means the world to me!

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Monday Inspiration

I’m not sure I know anyone who likes Monday. I despise it myself and it’s the biggest day of the week I fight a bad attitude. In order to redirect myself I start my mornings with positive affirmations. I thought I”d share some positive thoughts with you as well. Happy Monday.

Also, there’s only a few days left (ends Wednesday at midnight) to buy Blurred Lines, leave a review and be entered into the Amazon $25 gift card drawing. Just Click HERE.



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